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Welcome to SimStreetsX

Take your rage to the streets on Windows 10 by becoming a lunatic Sim driver. With the SimStreetsX patcher, you can patch your game to work natively on Windows 7+. You no longer need to use a virtual machine or CPU Killer, just a lead foot. The patcher comes with a variety of options so you can either take a relaxing drive or battle up to seven other players over a network.

06 September 2019
Today marks the initial release of SimStreetsX patcher. This release is a bit different than how I introduced SimCopterX, in that only basic functionality has been patched (CD bypass, Game sleep, Software rendering fix). I do plan on spending months of work getting the game to run at higher resolutions, but I figured I'd make a release now to get people in the game sooner rather than later. To keep updated, follow the SimStreetsX Github which is linked on the 'Disassembly' page.